The Best Recipes of Lake Como Cuisine

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The Best Recipes of Lake Como Cuisine

Lake Como’s cuisine is a reflection of all the geographical locations of the towns and villages that overlook its shores: fresh water and mountains.

That is why the most delicious dishes of the tradition enogatronomica lariana consists of fish and game and, as has been the tradition of the beautiful country, there is no lack of cheeses and cold cuts, but also white and red wines especially in the vineyards of the Brianza. This combination of meat and fish enriches the choices of menu, which are based on ingredients usually found in the humble cuisine of the past, but extremely genuine and tasty for the same reason.

Here are some of the typical dishes with recipes of the gastronomic tradition of Lake Como which include the pan of the Mej, the pancotto, the rice with perch, the missoltini, the various polenta and the polenta toc, the cake of bread or Miascia and the paradell.

– The Recipe of Pan di Mej
– Pancotto
– Rice with Perch
– The Missoltini
– Polente and polenta del toc
– Bread Cake or Miascia
– The Paradell