Lake Como Beaches: where can you to swim in Lake Como

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Lake Como Beaches: where can you to swim in Lake Como

Bellagio Beach

Bellagio beach is located in the province of Lecco and is the favourite place for those who like to spend a few hours by the lake in a totally wild territory, full of plants and multiform vegetation. This beach is totally devoid of establishments and commercial activities. To reach there you must leave the car on the road and walk a steep path. For its orientation, Bellagio is kissed by the sun only in the early morning hours, for this reason many people, in order to escape the summer heat, wish to go to this beautiful space in the shade.


Menaggio Beach

The beach of Menaggio is located in the province of Como and is considered as the most beautiful panoramic place of the lake as it is located in an elevated position that allows you to admire all the countries overlooking the water. The beach is characterized by a low and sandy area for campers and on the contrary, those who want to experience a more Spartan holiday in the rocky area, characterized by high cliffs, there are numerous bathing establishments and night clubs. For the charm of this place, with unique views to photograph, there are many newlyweds who choose Menaggio to celebrate their wedding, just for the natural setting it offers.


Lido of Cadenabbia

Lido of Cadenabbia is a fraction of the Municipality of Criante, in the province of Como. It owes its name to a term in dialect that means house of boatmen just because the territory is characterized by settlements of the fishermen who carried out this activity by the lake. The English travellers who in ancient times decided to settle in Cadenabbia have left as evidence of their passage, the first Anglican Church in Italy, sacred in 1891. The location is ideal for fishing, competition, and to relax in the sun in the comfortable sunbeds of the equipped bathing establishments.


Lido of Argegno

Argegno is the country located at a greater depth than all the others overlooking Lake Como. Characterized by a low beach with clear pebbles reflecting the sunlight, it is the ideal place to swim, dive and plunge into the crystal clear waters as well as engage in fishing. The difference in level with Pigra, the neighbouring settlement, is filled by a cableway line that allows you to enjoy an extraordinary glance with a complete overview of the lake and its natural beauties.


Lenno Beach

Lenno is a fraction of the municipality of Tremezzina, in the province of Como, much appreciated by summer tourists who want to spend their days relaxing in the lake. The beach is characterized by a free beach area with fine sand lined by rocks, also suitable for camping. Also characterized by the presence of establishments, restaurants, bars and nightclubs. Both beaches of Lenno can be easily reached by public transport or car as there are multiple parking lots, free and paid, or on foot.


Moltrasio Beach

Moltrasio beach is a pearl set in uncontaminated nature. It can be accessed only on foot, through a small path surrounded by lush vegetation, or by boat that connects all the towns of Lake Como. The beach is composed of pebbles and pebble sand. The space is equally divided between the free area and the area equipped with the platforms set up by the establishments that face water directly. This beach is also visited by naturists who, in a special sector, can live their passion in freedom and seek numerous followers, both Italian and foreign.


Lido of Cernobbio

Cernobbio is the good living room of Lake Como, probably recognized as the most important and famous resort. The place is particularly suggestive due to the presence of splendid noble villas such as Villa d’Este or Villa Erba. On the beach you can find facilities equipped and elegant, including spa, massage area and gourmet restaurants. In Cernobbio you cannot miss the Giardino della Valle, a natural area, used as a botanical garden, where there are many plant and animal species. This place therefore lends itself not only to seaside tourism but also to cultural tourism.


Sorico Beach

Sorico is located on the northernmost coast of Lake Como. Due to the wide and spacious aspect of the beach and the depth of the water, it is the ideal place to practice sports such as scuba diving, swimming and sport fishing. Sorico is also preferred by lovers of history as it is possible to visit the ancient Roman road that still appears today in perfect conditions of conservation.


Colico Beach

Colico is the location of Lake Como that has the best exposure from the point of view of wind and air currents, for this reason it is the favourite location of sportsmen who take advantage of this natural element to sail. The beach, in addition to being used for the classic bathing tourism, is the starting point to take off with paragliding or to fly over the lake with kite surfing or wind surfing. Competitions at national and international level are also periodically organized.


Piona Beach

Piona is a small fraction of the municipality of Colico, in the province of Lecco, especially loved by campers because, thanks to the municipal administration, there are many areas equipped for this particular way of traveling. There are numerous foreign presences, also attracted by the site of a very important architectural and artistic testimony, the Abbey of Piona. It is a Cistercian abbey that dates back to 1138, accessed by a picturesque walking path that runs along the beach.


Lido of Domaso

Domaso rises at the source of the Livio torrent that dives into the waters of Lake Como and, thanks to a system of currents, these places are ideal for water sports that are practiced, by virtue of the microclimate throughout the course of the year. Being a fishing village, Domaso is also preferred by those who have this passion and want to fish both on boats and in special dedicated heights. The beach is small but equally comfortable, divided into both free area and equipped by several establishments.


Lido of Gravedona

Gravedona is the centre of Lake Como with great importance for its glorious past ofcivil and religious settlements that date back to ancient times. Not only because findings are still possible to be observed today but also from the natural point of view. The tourism is not exclusively for bathing, but above all, for sports. In the lacustrine area there is a panoramic path dedicated to the lovers of the bicycle and the race. Moreover, the depth of the waters is such as to facilitate the activities of diving of fishing and scuba diving.